I am under 18, can I get tattooed?

Yes, but we are very strict on what we will tattoo on a minor. No visible tattoos(forearms, necks, hands) and no tattoos in private areas (bikini zone or high up on the ribs.) In order to get tattooed you must have a form notarized THE DAY OF your tattoo. You can print one out at home here: http://www.floridahealth.gov/environmental-health/tattooing/_documents/Notarized_Minor_Consent.pdf or come in to the shop and pick one up. The DAY OF the tattoo, your parent or guardian must accompany you. We will require both your ID as well as your parent or guardian’s. Your parent or guardian must approve of the design as well as the placement of the design before we begin tattooing. We know this is strict, but if you can’t wait to get your tattoo, we want to make sure we are protected.

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